Month: September 2019

Philosophy of Urban Design

Imagine a vibrant urban streetscape. People walk the wide sidewalks, window shopping and going from store to store. Sidewalk cafe’s and restaurants are packed with happy customers watching the passing streams of people, sipping latte’s, chatting and laughing with friends or texting and tapping away on their favorite portable device. Other locations feature laughing patrons […]

Postmodernism And Architecture

Postmodernism And Architecture What is postmodernism? Are the postmodern characteristics still apparent in contemporary architectural design? According to scholars, “Postmodernism, by definition resists definition”. If postmodernism is then difficult to be defined, on what principles can one judge if postmodernism in architecture is in still emerging? Postmodernism in its regional/vernacular forms reflects neighborhood culture. Some […]

Sustainable Urban Design – The Future Is Now

Sustainable urban design empowers government planners, architects, engineers and communities to minimise the impact of development upon the environment, while protecting valuable resources for future generations. Amongst a turbulent period where there are global concerns about diminishing resources and environmental impacts, questions are being raised regarding the quality of life to be experienced within cities […]

Architecture and Architects Jobs

Architecture and Architects Jobs Architecture is the science or art of building construction and design, which makes use of long lasting materials to produce buildings or structures that are aesthetically pleasing and well suited for a particular purpose. A quote from English poet Sir Henry Wooten states that “Well building hath three conditions: Commodite, Firmenes […]